Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday Was SHEEP Day!!!

So.....Friday, Erin walks into the house and tells us that 1000 sheep just walked by our house and were actually walking through part of our yard and I was like, "NO WAY!" and he then shows me his cell phone...he took a pic.....they were herding them basically through town and down our road (going North) is the back way to Ontario but they didn't go that far so Abigail and I drove down the "Main" road towards Ontario and then made a right on Gem and another right down the road and met up the fluffy creatures!!!!! Going down another mile and a 1/2 is our house!


  1. As you can see I gotta figure out this blogging with pictures thing!

  2. The 3rd pic down....the few trees on the left is where they took them....I think is was a field of clove or something...all this week the shepherd had them corralled in 1 area at a time and now if you look at the field you would think that the harvester guys did their cutting was pretty cool!