Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Mom & The Sandwiches she made Us......

So I get home and she's making Abigail & Charity lunch which for now consists of a turkey sandwich with mayo and sliced apples on the side. she then brings me some. I haven't tried it yet but Abby tells me it's kinda spicy and I say no there's only mayo on it and then Charity says the same thing...i just thought she was copying Abigail. So they are eating they start pulling the meat out and eating that.....I start eating my sandwich and .....yes it's spicy but there's no spicy mustard or anything and I then I really bite into it and Mom grabbed the HORSERADISH!!!!!!! She put on all 3 of our sandwiches!!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I thank God for the Unseen Hand, sometime urging me onward, sometimes holding me back; sometimes with a caress of approval, sometimes with a stroke of reproof; sometimes correcting, sometimes comforting. My times are in his hand.
- Vince Havner -

Friday, November 13, 2009

Abigail's Carnival!!!!

Abigail insisted I put her in jail....
Waiting for me to get her out.......waiting......I missed taking pics of her making faces at me
while she held two fingers up for me to pay 2 tickets to get her was funny : )

Miss Charity enjoying her flower balloon!

Sweating away in her jacket & was absolutely packed in there!!!
Well except for the occassional small empty area (like this 1)!

Ms. Lily!
Charity had this balloon about 10 min. later
some kids ran by and popped it because of accidently stepping on it.
They apologized to Charity and she started crying so they gave her a dollar.
About 10 minutes later they came back with another flower balloon.
Pretty sweet!
Then as the girls were getting out of the jump house a man came
and was gushing over my braid that I had twisted into a bun......not only was my face red
from sweating in my coat and having to hold Lily most of the time but.....
from him gushing over my hair and asking me how I did the style
because he has younger girls......I usually get that from other ladies.
I was thinking it over this evening and realized.....
I could have turned that into a good contact....soul-wise and
I missed that opportunity.....I need to get out more!
I've seen him around though not sure if it's been in Nyssa or Ontario
so hopefully I'll get to talk with him again and that time I won't forget to talk
to him about Jesus!

Monday, November 9, 2009

In Defense of the Red Faced Preacher (copied w/permission)

Why do preachers feel like they have to yell and scream and get all ‘red in the face’ when they preach?I heard this question asked again the other day and my mind went back some time ago to a softball diamond where I happened to stand as the short-stop. The teams were even, the score was close, runners were on and base and the game was up for grabs. In the bottom half of a critical inning the pitch approached home plate, the batter swung, the ball was hit well, but the outfielder pursued swiftly. After making the catch he fired the ball back, hitting his cut-off man in the chest, keeping the runners from advancing – or so he thought.From the opposing team’s dugout stormed someone well-versed in the rules of the game, advising that, actually, the runners were permitted to advance a base apiece, because the fielder was ‘out of bounds’ when he caught the ball on the fly.Sadly, my minds eye has instant-replayed the moments that ensued several times. Several times before I’ve contemplated blogging about it; the heated exchange that took place between the players, the color or crimson that flushed the face of the arbiter, the exact confrontational words he directed towards the grown man indicted in the outfield, and the decibel level that he reached during his message.Teammates whispered about it. Thoughts varied as to whether he went overboard, but not a public complaint was offered. Who could argue with him? After all, he wasn’t wrong, in theory he was right – he’d played for years and undoubtedly knew the rules better than anyone. Besides, it was just a game of softball.Oh, ok. I get it. So, it’s cool when it's a sport – softball, basketball, football, etc. Because he was right and knew the rules concerning field of play better than anyone else, he was justified in yelling and screaming and getting all ‘red in the face’ about a subject he was knowledgable in and passionate about…but God forbid a man or woman, a Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet or a Teacher called by God to lead His people, who has dedicated his or her life to the ministry (which is unto the Father on behalf of the people, not unto the people on behalf of the Father), and who knows the Word better than anyone else on the field…God forbid they ever come out of the dugout, scream and yell and get all ‘red in the face’ after their passion, to ‘call out’ and question the position or direction of people on the opposing extremity who are trying to keep members of the winning team from advancing forward…It’s ok to get all pumped up and competitive, just so long as it ‘stays on the court,’ right?Well, let’s remember when it comes to men's souls we are not playing games any longer. It is a matter of eternity. So, let’s watch out for our own inconsistencies. Let’s quit condemning others as 'judgmental' when we ourselves are judgmental when it’s convenient for us and when we’re convicted - and let’s be concerned with what’s right.Preach preacher – get in my grill if you’re right and proclaim what thus saith the Word of the Lord - even if you have to yell and scream and get all red in the face about it!



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Charity said that they were reading!

Girly Turkey

Abigail was on her tippy toes

Sis Savala got a step stool after that!

Abigail getting ready for outreach!

Excited to decorate the flyers!

The SHEEP!!!!

This is their 3rd field they are working on eating.

I drove by the next day and they were GONE!!!

So we drove by Tuesday...and they had been shaved...g.u.l.p.

They looked so.......SKINNY......helpless!

Notice the dog on the right?

He was totally OUT!

He even had his face covered....I noticed that

even the construction guys were checking him out

as the truck drove CUTE!