Friday, November 13, 2009

Abigail's Carnival!!!!

Abigail insisted I put her in jail....
Waiting for me to get her out.......waiting......I missed taking pics of her making faces at me
while she held two fingers up for me to pay 2 tickets to get her was funny : )

Miss Charity enjoying her flower balloon!

Sweating away in her jacket & was absolutely packed in there!!!
Well except for the occassional small empty area (like this 1)!

Ms. Lily!
Charity had this balloon about 10 min. later
some kids ran by and popped it because of accidently stepping on it.
They apologized to Charity and she started crying so they gave her a dollar.
About 10 minutes later they came back with another flower balloon.
Pretty sweet!
Then as the girls were getting out of the jump house a man came
and was gushing over my braid that I had twisted into a bun......not only was my face red
from sweating in my coat and having to hold Lily most of the time but.....
from him gushing over my hair and asking me how I did the style
because he has younger girls......I usually get that from other ladies.
I was thinking it over this evening and realized.....
I could have turned that into a good contact....soul-wise and
I missed that opportunity.....I need to get out more!
I've seen him around though not sure if it's been in Nyssa or Ontario
so hopefully I'll get to talk with him again and that time I won't forget to talk
to him about Jesus!

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