Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby O'Connor

Baby O'Connor is 10 Weeks!!!!!
Estimated Due Date is August 12th

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  1. LOL! Last night Erin & I were talking about Lily's Delivery and I mentioned to Erin that through it all I dread drinking a little cup of some concoction 5 min. before going into the operating room....with Lily they tried to describe the drink and to take it as quickly as possible...let's just say that when it hit my taste buds I coughed, burped and gagged at the same which the nurse replyed....that happens to everyone! Oh Yay! So Erin was telling me a story about someone, etc. and they were able to drink these very horrible concotions, etc. and won contests.....the guy would eat and suck on ice 20 min. before every competition......ICE, HERE I COME!!!! Oh! BTW! That stuff they;ll have me drink is to somehow dry up fluids or I don't happen to throw up while they're delivering the baby....gotta keep my mind of the sautering tool and smoke and SMELL also.....