Thursday, February 25, 2010

December 2009

Relaxing after opening the gifts

LOL!  Erin would give them a gift 1 at a time and Lily
hadn't quite caught on yet!

She tried to do it all so carefully

WOW!  Charity was very excited about the playdough from Grandma O'Connor!

Lily loves and still absolutely cares for her "Baby"
(My very own!)

Abigail's Big Girl Bike

Taking it for a spin...def. different than the smaller bikes!

Aw!  Charity snuggling with her new pillow
Sis. Saum made for her!

MMmmm!  A "Taste of Home Pie"....can't remember the name!
(It's in the cookbook I have! They have AWESOME recipes)

Abigail purchased her gift from the Gift Card Grandma O'Connor sent and then
we went over and had the gifts wrapped.....

Charity...she thought we didn't notice that she started packing her pockets

The disaster!  I had the flu!


Notice anything different?

After the Christmas program!

Abigail's first graham cracker house!

Top row...4th one in....ABIGAIL!!!

Top row...4th one in...the funny part is when Erin
pointed out that she kept yawning through most of it!

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