Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Husband!!!

He is something else!
So last week I thought he had taken the garbage container to the curb...he didn't but he got it there in time after he got home from work.  He's been taking care of it so I haven't bothered looking outside specifically for that right?! I did and the garbage truck had already come and ours was still under the carport!  Erin got home and mentioned it....then leaves!  Hmmm.....when he got back home 10 min. later I asked where  he had gone and he said.....!  I drove our container down to the garbage man!  What??!!!  My dear husband actually loaded our 40 gallon container into the back of his truck and drove down and over a couple of blocks to locate the guy and didn't even talk to him!  He just got out and pointed to the back and gave the thumbs up and the guy gave him a thumbs up and emptied the container from the back of Erin's truck with his pick up arms on his truck!!!!!  After that...they both drove off!  He had me cracking up!!!
I'm extremely thankful though however he got it done!!!  Never a dull moment at the O'Connor's!

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  1. lol It sounds like something he would do though!! Too funny!