Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pictures Galore! ENJOY!

It's blurry because I got bumped but I had to get this on camera! 
Buster walked past me with a slice of lime in his mouth!

LOL!  He likes it!

Esther saw the red light on my camera ; )


So...we drove over to Nampa, ID to go to Target and afterwards we went to this fountain.....
I sat down on a bench and put Esther on a towel on the ground...thinking...she would stay with me
this is what happened 10 seconds later!  She was off!!!!

Do you like her swim skirt?!!!

Lily was almost dragging Esther away from the water...
protecting her Sissy.

For almost as long as her Sissy's ran around that...she was doing her hand-foot "crawl" around it too : )

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