Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Week

Never know at the O'Connor House!!!!
This is Abigail's Dresser in front of the upstairs bathroom...Why?
Well, we had a drain clog! It still had water in the bathtub so
Instead of taking the water out before pouring an acid based drain cleaner in...
I dumped it with the water didn't clear it! Charity & Lily know how to open the door
and Erin wasn't home so I moved the dresser so I could go downstairs and not have to worry!
Miss Lily holding and eating a cheeseburger!

Uh...yeah....this is what Abigail did on 1 of her sick days...
showed Charity how to diaper her feet!

Here is a picture of my THUMB!!!!
That oval shaped patch of skin that is slightly
where it touched the top of the oven coil...I was broiling something and went to get it but kinda touched it! AND after I rinsed my hand....NOTHING!
Just sore for maybe 10 minutes! THANK YOU JESUS!

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